Finished in the Glory of Defeat.


The competition for the official SIGGRAPH IUPUI Student Exhibition is over. The final vote me 14, Marcelo Meijome 17 votes.

I hope he posts his animation soon. If not, it will be all over IUPUI in the next week or so. He had a fantastic Flash animation that fits very well with the theme of our event. I think it is much more timely and to the point than my final 40 seconds of animation (which is a bit lengthy.) Our other competitor Justin Hannah had a great 3D turn in also, but I don’t have his blog if he has one…

I will try to get my friend Tyler to come up with audio for this because I am just not that great at it and will post the final soon.

Hope you like. Stay tuned for the beginnings of my facial muscle project and short story project!!! On to the next glorious headache as always.

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3 Responses to “Finished in the Glory of Defeat.”

  1. Josh Corken says:

    I’m glad you included the word “glory” in the title of this post or I would have been upset. This really was an awesome animation, so know that my vote, in reality, was split in two. Yashimo being a great story, 3D animation, and loving character.

    But, on the other hand, there stood a chance to highlight our 2D talent. Marcelo pulled off a great character and a funny ending. So, really the decision was one not of ease.

    That is my monologue.

  2. Marcelo Meijome says:

    Josh is right. You and Justin should be really happy with how the animations turned out, they were both great. Doing 3D projects like this solo is tough, but you both turned out really professional stuff.

  3. J. ALAN Visuals says:

    I agree with the previous two posts. Awesome work as always!

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