What Inspires…

I am pretty damn lucky. I get to instruct, inspire, and motivate students day to day in a field [animation, [...]

Return to the ring.

Hey all, I’ve been way out of touch. This post marks a promise of one post per week minimum, soon [...]

Best of Spring 2010

The Spring Semester was my first full time experience at the Art Institute of Indianapolis AND THE STUDENTS WERE GREAT! [...]

New School, New Students, New Work!!!

So for those of you that don’t know I have been pulling double duty teaching on two campuses this semester. [...]

Best of 2009 Fall Semester

Continuing my ritual of showing off most of my student’s work. Here are the best of my classes from the [...]

Avatar: A hopelessly Inspired Review

It has been a bit over 48 hours since I have seen a movie that totally renewed my enthusiasm and [...]