Red Kite Characters Update

All, its been way too long! I missed you for the past few months while our Red Kite Group has [...]

Contour test with Organic Models

I am finished with the low-polygon versions of Maxwell and now the boy Michael James Chapman. In the next few [...]

Wheelchair Model

So one of the main characters in our story is a boy who is sick and confined to a wheelchair. [...]

Maxwell Lostrum

Finally an update right?! Say hello to Maxwell Lostrum. The “Old Man” in the story. He was very easy to [...]



Working Title Capstone Blog

Favorites, It is with great pleasure that I introduce the project blog that will become the bane of my existence. [...]



"Project Capstone" Blog is now Running!

FYI: My newest endeavor into insanity has begun: Working Title: Capstone has began. This project is a 3 semester long, [...]