SIGGRAPH 2009 New Orleans

Many times I have been asked what is SIGGRAPH? Why do you go every year? Well, as many of you [...]

My Students Summer 2009

Once again I am posting the best of my courses for your enjoyment. Once again I am impressed with the [...]

SIGGRAPH IUPUI Student Exhibition Interviews

For all of those of you that made it out to the exhibition, you know it went amazingly! I am [...]


SIGGRAPH IUPUI is proud to release its first live action promotional video for the 2009 Student Exhibition: Don’t SIGGRAPH! If [...]



Yashimo is finished and saying hello to the world!

Well, since I can’t use this video for the official SIGGRAPH IUPUI mascot I am going to post Yashimo’s video [...]



Finished in the Glory of Defeat.

Well, The competition for the official SIGGRAPH IUPUI Student Exhibition is over. The final vote me 14, Marcelo Meijome 17 [...]