My Students 2009

For those of you that don’t know. I have had the privilege to teach a couple of courses for the CGT department during my graduate studies. This has truly been a rewarding experience that has had a lasting impression.

I teach 2 courses. CGT 221 is an Introductory course to 3ds Max and Architectural Visualization. Students in this course are charged to both learn the software and reproduce an interior with acceptable renders at the end of the semester. This semester has by far been the most successful.

I am very proud to present the best of the class (in no particular order):

The other class I teach is Introduction to Animation and 3ds Max. Students are responsible for learning the basics of all pieces of the production pipeline. They are required to storyboard, create an animatic, model, texture, light, rig, animate, render, and use After Effects to compile their work into a narrative storyline. This class is very taxing on all the students, but the work keeps getting better and better. We really emphasized production value this year. I am very proud of these students’ work as well.

Here are the top 4 of this semester (in no particular order):

CGT 241 Best of 2009 from Zeb Wood on Vimeo.

If IUPUI were Hogwarts, these ’1st years’ have just mastered the Petronus Charm. Geek-out.

If you are a past student (not 2009) please feel free to post a link to your video as a comment!

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2 Responses to “My Students 2009”

  1. Josh Corken says:


    Thanks for putting my animation in there. I’m honored!

  2. P@ says:

    Olusayo’s work is my favorite. The ceiling in that room is awesome. The light looks a little too bright in the left corner, but I can still see myself eating at that place. Looks pretty sweet.

    Good job Teach!

    and no offense to the rest of the students. they were all pretty good. But since I’m not the teacher I’m allowed to pick favorites. ;)

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