My Students Summer 2009

Once again I am posting the best of my courses for your enjoyment. Once again I am impressed with the results. This Summer brought 2 expedited 6 week courses.

Here are the best of CGT 221 Intro to Architectural Visualization and 3ds Max. Students are required not only to learn the software but to take that knowledge and create a space from a previous project or an image

(In no particular order):

Here are the best of CGT 321 Advanced Lighting and Rendering for Architectural Spaces in 3ds Max. Students are to master both Scanline and Mental Ray lighting and rendering techniques. The final project consists of taking a previous project’s lighting and texturing the space as realistically as possible.

(In no particular order):

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  1. Marcelo Meijome says:

    I like that first lighthouse render a lot, it's kind of surreal. Reminds me of myst and half-life 2 for some reason.

    Keep up the good work with that teaching!

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