Best of 2009 Fall Semester

Continuing my ritual of showing off most of my student’s work. Here are the best of my classes from the Fall semester of 2009. This semester was great in all aspects as I taught 4 classes, 2 of which were new to me. I don’t know if I’m allowed to show off my Art Institute student’s work yet so stay tuned. (I taught Maya and After Effects compositing there)

CGT 221: This class is introduction to Architectural Visualization. Students spend the majority of the semester figuring out the program, modeling, and in the last 3 weeks get to try out lighting with mental ray and using the Arch and Design Materials. Each students contact is here and/or on the work.

Alison Wallace:
Nicole Bradford:
Tara Carlile:
Megan Newbury:
Jason Smith: , Jason’s Blog

They always turn out great work despite their frustrations. In no particular order:

CGT 241: This class is introduction to 3D Animation. It sounds like an animation class but it is actually an introduction to every part of the production pipeline for a 3D short. Students are charged with writing their own 20 second story, story-boarding, animatic, modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, animation…. You get the idea. They always seem to pull through and work their hearts out to come up with some truly amazing work for first time 3D artists. In no particular order:

I’d also like to acknowledge my new classes CGT 411 which was a capstone course. 2 of the teams worked on projects I’m personally involved with. Seamless Media created the entire IndianaUploaded brand, splashpage, and soon to be released website check out their work here and stay tuned!

Also, from CGT 411 was the team that did the entire storyboard production, character animation, and Cloth simulations for THE RED KITE a 3D short that will be released in April 2010. Check out what we can show you at I’d like to thank both teams for a wonderful experience, and hope they enjoyed (some are still working) it as much as I did.

Here’s to another great semester and stay tuned for the great work coming out of the Art Institute of Indianapolis as well!

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  1. Marcelo Meijome says:

    those renders look really good, but the video isn't working for me!

  2. Zeb says:

    Marcelo, it must be your mac. Its H.264 mpeg4…

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