New School, New Students, New Work!!!

So for those of you that don’t know I have been pulling double duty teaching on two campuses this semester. With this the new responsibility of Teaching at the Art Institute of Indianapolis I have switched over to teaching all Maya courses and while it was a struggle to make the teacher-side switch, I think we all were very successful this winter quarter.

Below are some of the best of(s) from a Camera and Lighting course, a Rigging (advanced animation) course, and a Advanced Lighting and Materials Course.

Camera & Lighting:

Camera and lighting had a very unique final project. They were charged to recreate the both the lighting and the camera movements from their favorite movie. What turned out was pure gold. I saw this assignment as a substantial risk, the students gave very polished work.


Each student had to use a pre-made 3D character model and a non-organic model, one found online or one created on their own. After obtaining their model(s). The students were charged with creating controls that would benefit an animator to make the Characters or robots move, Emote, and in sometimes change color. It was a very difficult class, yet the most rewarding. Funny how that works.

Advanced Lighting and Materials:

Students were charged with lighting and texturing creatures, environments, or objects of their choice building upon the information they had learned in other courses. WE had very good results!

Stay tuned from more from AI as we start another quarter! Best of CGT are coming up in a few weeks!

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