What Inspires…

I am pretty damn lucky.

I get to instruct, inspire, and motivate students day to day in a field [animation, storytelling, entertainment] that happens to be one of the most yearned for in the last 95 years and has grown in the most exciting ways in the last 20. Yet it isn’t the medium that makes us lucky, it is what drives creatives in general.

Often times I’m confronted by friends and family and asked about “what I’ve been working on.” This question is always bitter-sweet because they ask and because they know some of my ‘work’ weighs heavy on me always.

I had a conversation with a dear friend tonight about how my work can hardly be called such. Often my biggest struggle with what I do outside my job is that it takes so much of my love, energy, and time away from those whom I love. Worse, I sometimes fear that those I love don’t understand that what I spend so much time on is in fact far from work.

Inside the classroom and outside the classroom I get to both create and show how to create things that I hope will change people’s lives. That’s why I do what I do, and it can hardly be called work.

Back to the point.

I think I’m pretty damn lucky to even get to know what I want to do in my life so early. I aim to infect passion and inspiration in people. All too often both inside the classroom and out, inside industry and outside industry, I see my students, friends, and peers struggle to find their way in life, their passion; to find something that matters.

My message is to just move forward, don’t stagnate.

My hopes is that they and you (through your passion) can help others do the same.

I encourage everyone especially my students to use what they are learning to inspire others. Its what I think is the greatest way to use art in any medium. I also believe art is the last great way to inspire change without criticism of agenda.

We have the technology and creativity to inspire what I see as an uninspired generation. To share our passions and inspire thousands with a single click. I see our biggest fight(s) actually being the act of beginning, of ever trying, and the fear of failure. Its so natural, but its important to realize some of the greatest moments in history and art were at moments of great risk. I assure anyone who is afraid; that by starting, that by your attempt and refusal of failure you will only fuel your own fire. With any luck you will also fuel the fire and passions of others to do what they love.

That is my hope. It could make the world and our little slice of it Indiana so much better.

Here are some dear friends, students, and colleagues that I know share some of my viewpoints and that I see using their passions to help others find inspiration. They are leading by example in their own ways, in their own interests, by their own perfect passion. And yes they inspire me, please keep doing what you do guys.

Steven Brown | Current Student\work-o-holic | 1 Awesome Artwork a Day
Atomic Big Wheel | Motion Graphic Artist Infecting Media into Indiana.
Ickydime | Indie game developer | Pushed me far in so short a time.
Joshua Corken | Local Life Lover\Designer that Inspires countless.
MG Collective| Indiana’s Hungry Media Artist Professionals and Students
IndianaUploaded | Indiana’s Hungry Future Movers & Shakers
John King | Little Round Mirrors | Over 500 DVD’s contemplated A-Z.
rickyleepotts.com | Opinionated Realist
Chris Perkins | Guttamind | 2D animator

This is but a short list of people that are doing extraordinary things in the local area and state. If you know of anymore, please message or email me, I’d be happy to do more of these in the future!!!

Keep working hard! In the near future IndianaUploaded and new Short project developments will be my way to keep people motivated!

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4 Responses to “What Inspires…”

  1. Steve says:

    well said Zeb, you may even inspire those who maybe alittle burnt.

  2. Zeb says:

    Thanks Steve, whoever you are… I think.

  3. John says:

    Great stuff, Zeb. Thanks for the link, too.

  4. D. Ryan Forney says:

    I know most of us can truly relate to this. It's the inspiration and dedication that differentiates between what most call "work" and we call our passion.

    Just know that your efforts are very much appreciated. I know many students you have inspired and motivated, including myself and it gives me a sense of peace and excitement for your future students! I hope we can share this fire with the next generation of artists to come.

    Keep 'em shootin for the moon Zeb! Keep doing what your doing and we will put this state on the map..I can feel it

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