The 49Hour Experience

A few weeks ago, [still seems like yesterday] I and 4 other team mates

Pat Howk | Instructor and Animation Mentor Alumn
Jason Smith | Owner of Vizdio | Creative Media Designer
Vance Vaden | Contractor
Ryan Wing | Motion Designer

participated in the first ever *49 hour/animation/Indiana only competition sponsored by MG Collective; a group of professionals and students in central Indiana that meet up once a month to share experiences, knowledge, and passions for Motion Graphics and 3D animation.

A total of 5 professional teams, and 21 student teams from Indiana competed. Teams were allowed a maximum of 5 persons, some only had one. The Art Institute of Indianapolis, Ball State, IUPUI, and Huntington college were all represented with student competitors! This event was a great time. Check out the 49Hour facebook Event shenanigans that happened through the event and for some no sleep! It is quite funny!

The videos haven’t shown yet, and our group ‘The Whambulance’ plans on premiering in a few festivals, we had such a great experience! 49 hours is not a lot of time, but we pulled off a very ambitious project that trumped “TheRedKite” that most of us had worked on for nearly 2 and a half years. Its not that TheRedKite wasn’t a great experience, we just had a lot to learn.

With a similar team from TheRedKite, a whole lot of energy drinks, cliff bars, as well as some enthusiastic students working on their competition submissions, we succeeded in a story that we are very proud of! Until we reach the movie premiers, check out some of the pictures from the event!

Happy animating!

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